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       Stone and Concrete can easily stain, discolor and loose its polish if its not maintained correctly. We can help you maintain your stone and concrete floors and can restore, hone and polish your worn out stone floors!  Donít forget to protect your investment!  All Stone floors should be sealed or enhanced using the correct penetrating sealers.
Text Box: 	We are proud to offer Hardwood Cleaning,  Our low moisture process will help restore the shine and luster while removing unwanted soils.  Ask about this service during your next cleaning inspection. 

	Is your VCT or Resilient Floor looking Dull?			We are fully equipped to Restore your tired floors.

Stripping and Refinish
Scrub and Recoating
Maintenance Cleaning and Repair.
Rubber Tile Cleaning
Floor Burnishing/Polishing

Find out how you can couple a hard surface maintenance program with a commercial carpet care program to save money!

†††††††††† Every Day maintenance of tile and grout may include dusting, vacuuming, and daily mopping.† However, as time passes, the tile and grout just doesnít clean up very well.† The grout begins to stain and discolor and it seems impossible to get the dirt out of the little pits.††† When your tile and grout reach this point, its time to have it professionally restored.†


†We are happy to offer this cleaning process utilizing state of art chemistry and equipment to safely restore the original beauty.† We can also apply a very well formulated sealer to protect the newly cleaned surface.†

Resilient Floors
Stone & Concrete 
Cleaning and Restoration
Hardwood Cleaning
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Hard Surface Care

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