What to expect:


1.  We offer free in-home estimates prior to our visit or we can give you a quote just before we clean.


2.  We will pre-inspect the carpet for problems and address your concerns.


2.  Every cleaning begins with a thorough pre-vacuuming completed by the technician to maximize dry soil removal. If you choose for us to move furniture we will do so at this time. 


3.  We will pre-treat all spots and traffic lanes.  If soiling is severe, we will use mechanical agitation to break up deep embedded soil. 


4.  In most cases, we use powerful truck-mounted Hot Water Extraction equipment to rinse and flush all soils and contaminates out of the carpet, away from your home, and into our trucks to be disposed of properly.  If the carpet doesn’t allow HWE, we will use the appropriate cleaning method to maximize soil removal.


5.  We will apply any post treatments such as carpet protector  or deodorizers.  We then  groom the carpet and prepare the room to expedite drying. 

Text Box: Protector Included!

We feel the benefits of a proven protector are valuable enough that we include in our price!  We want your floors to perform to their very best and refreshing the protector will do just that! 
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Restorative Carpet Cleaning

Text Box: Quality
  We have built our reputation on providing quality flooring products and quality service.   We extend that same commitment to quality in caring for your floors.   So what is quality cleaning? 

Certified Technicians who can identify and match the correct cleaning chemistry and methods to the carpet style and fiber .
State of the art cleaning equipment designed to maximize soil removal without damaging the floor. 
Active participation in industry trade associations,  conventions, and networks to stay at the forefront of the cleaning industry.
Providing educational information and advice for our customers to insure their floors enjoy a long, healthy life.
    Our goal is to remove the most soil possible.  We will discuss with you if we feel a spot will not respond to cleaning well.  We will also provide you a level of expectation for each job.  If we don’t meet these expectations,  we will re-clean those areas at no charge and if we still have not met your satisfaction,  we will offer a refund!   Your satisfaction is our priority!   All Stains and prior damage are excluded from warranty. 

Spot vs. Stain
   It is inevitable that some spots will become stains.  Spots can be physically removed.  Stains have added or removed color from a material. While we offer advanced stain removal, the success of this procedure is dependent on what products have been attempted, age of the stain, and fiber type.  If the wrong product is used before we make an attempt, a stain can be set in permanently.  Likewise, a very old stain or a stain on a natural or delicate fiber may be permanent because advance treatments may cause additional damage. 

Returning Spots?? Some spills go so deep that they contaminate the pad and subfloor under a carpet. Rather than treat only the surface spots like some companies using “dry” methods, we use special tools to remove ALL of the spill down to the subfloor.  If we are not aware of this deeper contamination,  sometimes spots can return by a process called wicking.   If this happens in the first 14 days after we have cleaned, we’ll be happy to return and retreat these areas using our state-of-the-art subsurface extraction methods.    
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Text Box: Restorative Green Carpet Cleaning
Advanced Stain Removal
Carpet Sanitizing
Pet Odor Decontamination
Scotchgard™ Carpet Protector
General Deodorization
Allergen Reduction
Continuous Floor Care Programs
Commercial Carpet Maintenance
Text Box: Pricing
Text Box:   Each Job is unique so its difficult to provide exact pricing on a website.  We charge by the sqft and only charge for the area we are cleaning.   However, to offer some idea for budget purposes,  here are some approximate room pricing: 

Small Room (upto 100 sqft) :
$25 to $45 per room
Medium Room( upto 250 sqft) :
$45 to $110 per room
Large Room( up to 500 sqft) : 
$110 to $225 per room


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