What is Hiding in your Rug?







A large area rug can hide over 50 lbs of soil before its visible on the surface! 


Text Box: Rug Cleaning Myths

   Like many consumer services, rug cleaning has become saturated with rumors and myths. Most of these myths are based on old time marketing scams that simply were not true. Lets explore some of the most popular myths about rug cleaning. 

Myth #1: Never vacuum your rugs.

About Eighty percent of soil in rugs is dry particulate matter. It acts as sandpaper and wears out the rug. Because some rugs are thick, if they are not regularly vacuumed and cleaned, the soil will become so embedded that it is impossible to remove all of it. 
Myth #2: Rugs should only be dry cleaned.
There are a few rugs that should only be cleaned using dry or low moisture systems. However, a majority of area rugs require full immersion cleaning to completely remove the unwanted soil and dirt.  Proper training is required to identify and understand the cleaning considerations of different rugs.
Myth #3: All Oriental rugs appreciate in value
Most post-World War II rugs do not appreciate in value, nor will most rugs purchased new today appreciate in value. Consumers most likely paid more for some rugs in the 50s, 60s and 70s than they are worth today.
Myth #4: Cleaning should preserve the Lanolin of my wool Rug.
This is possibly the biggest rug cleaning myth.  When a sheep is sheared, the wool is washed to remove the lanolin which is actually a very thick grease.  It is developed from the body oils of the sheep and has no benefit to the wool once it has been processed out of the yarn.  If left in the wool, the rugs would soil very quickly.
Myth #5: Your rugs should never be cleaned.
Beware of any rug seller who says the rug you have just bought from them should not be cleaned. What this really means is the rug will not withstand cleaning due to condition, foundation "painting," or other hidden defects.

Myth #6: Carpet Protectors damage Rugs.

There are two types of protectors available.  Silicone based protectors are only for outdoor equipment and often cause rapid soiling  or can damage natural fibers.  Fluorocarbon based protectors actually repel soils while allowing fibers to breath.  Its important to use products that are Woolsafe® approved on any wool fibers. 

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        Rugs are a beautiful addition to any home or office. They can add color and warmth to any room. However, the best benefit of a quality rug is its ability to filter the soils entering our rooms. They trap allergens from entering the breathable air and thus, they can hide literally pounds of soil before they even appear to be dirty.


In order for our rugs to continue their task of filtering these contaminants, they need to be cleaned. Vacuuming regularly and rotating your rugs will help keep them in a cleaner condition.  But the nature of three-dimensional textiles means they will eventually reach a saturation point.  At that time a full restorative wash will be required to completely restore the health and beauty of the rug.


Sweeney Bros. is a certified Master Rug Cleaning facility, which means we are trained to clean rugs from all over the world.  From antique heirloom orientals to machine made synthetics,  we can provide the perfect cleaning options for your textiles!   We also are well versed in repair!  Check out all of Services below!

Text Box:                                     What is the ARCS?

      The Association of Rug Care Specialists was founded to promote and foster the highest standards of professionalism and technical proficiency in rug care and ensure that we develop the next generation of leaders for this industry.

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Cheap Rugs,  Cheap Price?


      Dirt does not know the difference between a $100 dollar rug and a $10,000 dollar rug.  It takes the same amount of time and technical expertise to remove that unwanted soil.  Many people get discouraged from cleaning their rugs because the cost of cleaning a cheaper rug ends up costing more than the cost of a new rug.   While purchasing a new rug is always an option,   consider having your rug cleaned more frequently.  If we are cleaning your rug at shorter intervals,  there will be less soil to remove from the rug.  This means we will have less time involved in cleaning the rug.   We pass this savings right back to you.   Clean rugs contribute to a healthy home or office.

Text Box:  Rug Cleaning Services
Authentic Hand Washing by Certified Master Rug Cleaning Specialists
100% Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal
Fire and Water Damaged 
     Rug Restoration
Oriental Rug Repairs
Machine Made Rug Repairs
Moth and insect protection
Custom Cut Quality Rug Pads
Rug Protector
Rug Identification 
Rug Alterations
Rug Wrapping and Storage Text Box: Certified Master Rug Cleaner 

   This designation is bestowed on a professional who is trained to care for fine oriental and specialty rugs.  They have attended advanced hands on training courses in cleaning and repair and have passed the exams on proper rug care and rug identification and are recognized for their commitment and knowledge by industry experts. 
   They have committed to ongoing training, safe cleaning procedures, protection of our environment and the highest standards in ethical business practice. They promise to provide the best service available and have committed to a nationwide network of like-minded professionals. 

When you see this symbol, you can trust that professional with your heirloom textiles.
Text Box:     We all love our Pets, but sometimes they have accidents!  Sweeney Bros. is proud to offer a 100% guarantee on removal of pet odor from all woven area rugs.    While we can guarantee odor removal, stain removal is influenced by amount of urine and length of time the rug has been exposed.  Urine can also loosen dyes and cause colors to bleed.  The sooner you can get a rug to us the better chance for preventing permanent damage!