There are few things in life as inviting as a comfy chair or sofa after a long day at work.  It is not uncommon to spend several hours a day on our furniture and we spend between 5 to 8 hours each night sleeping on our mattress.   

           Perodic Professional cleanings will keep these fabrics healthy, safe and beautiful for many years to come!

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Upholstery Cleaning

    If we only knew what was lurking on the surface of our furniture! We shed millions of skin cells each day. These skins cells end up in our carpets, on our floors, and piled up on our furniture and mattress. The skins cells are the main food for dust mites.  


     Dust Mite droppings are one of the biggest contributing factors to indoor allergies.  Combine the skin cells, droppings, and general oils and soils and your upholstery becomes a breeding ground for disease.  Professional cleaning can remove these unwanted soils and restore the beauty and health of your home furnishings.

We spend up to 1/3 our life on our Mattress…



How often do you have it cleaned?

Dust Mites,  skin cells,  dust,  body oils, sweat… we release these things on a nightly bases.  Incredibly over a period of 10 years this can add 10 lbs to the weight of a single twin sized mattress.  Regular cleaning prevents this extensive build up and can make your nights a little more peaceful.